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Teach you four tricks to maintain a perfect hairstyle in the rainy days

First, the hair does not blow to dry

Do not blow your hair until it is dry. Apply some moisturizing gel when dry. When the hair is still wet, use some styling and hair care products to store some of the hair’s moisture, and avoid being “frightened” by the damp air just as soon as the hair is out. However, if you are a soft hair, this trick may not be particularly useful for you.

Second, multi-use spray

Spray a lot of spray, the moisture of the spray covers your hair, and the hair is fixed, so the excess water can’t penetrate the cuticle of the hair and make it collapse.

Third, put on a retro rain cap

Umbrellas keep your hair out of the rain, but you want to keep your hair away from moisture. Old-fashioned plastic rain caps are the best choice. And this retro rain hat with a vintage dress is a very elegant style of Victorian ladies.

Fourth, braided braids

Making a twist is the best way to prevent hair lice. In stormy weather, the twist is obviously stronger than other hair styles. Moreover, the twist is one of the hottest hairstyles this summer.