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Four strokes make the hair visually increase in volume

1, thickening of the hair thickening of the volume.
The main reason for the flattening of the hair is that the hair is soft and the hair is scarce. In addition to the shape, the hairstyle becomes three-dimensional and full, and the hair thickness can be improved with hair care. Choose some moisturizing products with hair growth and hair growth effects. Although they can not increase hair instantly, they can increase hair diameter faster and, after use, can also have the effect of increasing elasticity and flexibility. The hair provides a very natural thick sensation.

2, use a hair dryer to blow a feeling of density
When drying hair with a hair dryer, many people usually turn their hair completely first, then dry it, or use a round comb to comb the hair to shape the hair, but this can only create the spongy hair feeling underneath , and the top of the head still seems to collapse and will be lifeless. The best way to blow the hair is to gently brush the fingers on the hair with your free hand, and it is better not to use force on the wrist, then rotate the handle once, then untangle and repeat quickly. In this way, you can blow the hair over and over and repeat it until it dries.

3, the hair is divided into small strand duplicate effect
Gently comb the hair at your side with one hand, then gently hold it back, while blowing, while descending the hair from top to bottom, the hair can show a more natural line. Then, use the clip to divide the hair into small pieces. According to the order of the upper part, the sides and the back, the round comb is used to comb the hair in a soft and spongy air line. Starting from the top of the head that is easy to flatten, first extend the hair in front of the head to the forehead position, cut it with a paperclip and then comb the bottom of the head with the roll comb, and Press the comb up. Therefore, the top of the head will not collapse.

4, to make an antigravity style.
Before combing, sprinkle some perfumed spray with salt water on the wet roots of the hair to strengthen the support of the hair root. Then, use the electric curling iron or braided tweezers to create a curly shape to help increase the hairline. The feeling of air, so that the hairstyle can be more stereoscopic and finally sprayed with a little antistatic and stylized spray that gives the hair a shiny appearance, making all the hair look healthy and full. If you have short hair, first take an appropriate amount of clay or wax in the palm of your hand and apply it to the roots of the hair. This will help the hair stay erect and solve the problem of flattening the hair.